Wonder by R.J. Palacio


“Such a simple thing, kindness. Such a simple thing. A nice word of encouragement given when needed. An act of friendship. A passing smile.” 

What a fantastic book. I honestly think this book should be a must-read for students. I was blown away by how much it made me think and evaluate my own life. How far does my kindness go? How much am I willing to do? I would hope that I would be like Summer, the one who doesn’t care what others think and befriends August without a second thought. It breaks my heart to think that I might not be that person. This book helped me to get more perspective on life. Lately I’ve been realizing how significant of an impact the most seemingly insignificant things can have. I feel like its honestly so easy to make someone happy, show them you care, or bring a smile to their face….but yet for some reason we make it so hard on ourselves. One of my favorites part about the style of this book was how it was told from the viewpoints of different characters in the book, rather than just August. I really think this helped to get the bigger picture and understand why people act the way they do and what thoughts are going through everyone’s head. In the end, each character just wanted to feel special and be loved. Crazy what really matters in this world when you think about it. 


Big truths from the book that stuck out to me:

1. Everyone has their own problems and struggles. Sometimes they’re obvious. Sometimes you may have to dig deeper to discover what they are. No matter what though, they are there.

2. A kid is a kid. 

3. Just because someone is different does not mean he isn’t ordinary. 

4. Having the courage to go against the crowd is hard. Having the courage to stand up for something that is different is hard. Love, friendship, smiles, and laughter, though – these things make going against the crowd worth it. 

5. Kindess makes the world go round. 

I want to somehow make this book required reading in my future classroom. If I can’t do that, then I will definitely recommend it as a top choice for students to read. I would love to see how middle school students react to this book. Double thumbs up for Wonder


One thought on “Wonder by R.J. Palacio

  1. In the end, people just want to be special and feel loved – YES. We can get so caught up in the standards and pacing guides and on and on, but in the end we have to remember that we are helping to educate humans who just want to be acknowledged as special and lovable and encouraged to grow as well as they can.

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