Beer’s “Choosing Not to Read” article

This article was really interesting, especially after thinking about my own reading life when working on the reading autobiography earlier in the semester. I think in middle school and high school I fit somewhere in between the dormant reader and the uncommitted reader. Because of this, I could relate to a lot of what this article was saying about these kinds of readers. I am so glad that I am learning more and more about what shapes these readers and how to motivate them to read more; I wish I had a teacher who had been able to do that for me.

The descriptions and explanations of aesthetic vs. efferent reading make so much sense to me, and I think it would be really easy to pick up on which way a student is looking at a text. I want to make sure I allow students to have opportunities during school where they are reading aesthetically, simply for the pleasure of reading. If students can realize that this is a big role of reading (and not just scanning for information to be able to do well on a test), they will hopefully be able to get more excited about it. Generally, teachers tend to focus on the reading skills too much, and this can really hurt students. 

The other big take-away I got from this article is that different types of students/readers will have different motivations to read. One thing may really get one student excited about reading, whereas for another student it may push them away. This just shows how important it is for the teacher to know each student individually and figure out what will be best for him/her. For any student who is not an avid reader, it will take more time to help them start to love reading and feel comfortable with their responses to reading. As a teacher, I want to recognize that this is okay and I just need to continue working with that student. 



One thought on “Beer’s “Choosing Not to Read” article

  1. I think you are way ahead because you know that there are different kinds of readers and you need to provide a lot of options for all readers. I’m not sure that every reader will fit into a neat little category, but it does seem that all readers like choices of one kind or many.

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