Sci Fi Book Review


When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead 

Stead, R. (2009). When you reach me. New York: Wendy Lamb Books. 

I liked this book, but it was not one of my favorites. It started off really slow, and I feel like it took me quite a while to get into it. Once I did get into it, though, the mystery of discovering who the notes were from and what they meant kept me interested. The book is about time travel, which is always something that completely blows my mind when I actually try to think about it. I think the author did a good job of making the reader think about time travel, but it was not too confusing or overwhelming.

The book won the Newbery Medal partly because of its realistic setting and portrayal of New York during the time in which it was set. I agree that Rebecca Stead did a great job of telling accurate and specific details of how a child’s life would have been during that time in that place. Students could use this aspect of the book to analyze how setting affects the tone, mood, dialogue, and plot of the story. Besides using the book for its literary aspects, I am not totally sure how it could be used in the classroom, but I would definitely love to have a copy in my library. 


One thought on “Sci Fi Book Review

  1. I was fascinated by your group’s ideas last week and how you all seemed to like it better after discussing it. There are definitely many teaching points possible with this text, as you point out.

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