Augmented Reality Reflection

As I learned in the horizon report, technology is increasingly becoming a part of schools and education. This mean teachers are learning about new things and discovering new ways to implement technologies into their classrooms. With this also comes the idea of augmented reality, which according to Ronald Azuma is “an environment that includes both virtual reality and real-world elements.” Basically it is bringing digital information to actual experiences, content, etc. Up until recently I had never actually heard the term ‘augmented reality,’ but looking back I can remember several instances where either myself or others around me have taken part in the usage of some type of augmented reality. For example, at the middle school where I am doing my teaching practicum, one of the teachers did a game using QR codes. Students had to scan the QR code in order for a question to pop up that they would then answer based on content already learned. It was a really cool way for students to be interactive and engaged! 


One of the articles we read and the main thing that Jim discussed in his talk was ARIS (Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling). Jim made it obvious that the reason he really likes ARIS is because it is place-based, allowing the students to learn about content while actually moving around and/or locating themselves in the places where what they are learning about took place. I agree that this is a really cool way to better engage students and help them to better understand the content. I know I would prefer doing something like that way more than just listening to a lecture in a classroom, and I would definitely learn a lot more from participating in an activity where I got to go out into the real world. ARIS provides a neat opportunity for students to receive information while also critically thinking and figuring things out on their own. 


I love the idea of augmented reality, but I am a little concerned as to how realistic it will be to actually be able to implement it in my future classroom. Since using it as an educational tool is still pretty new, I would probably have to create my own games/activities which makes me a little worried and overwhelmed. I know it can be done though, and I would certainly love to try. There also does seem to be several augmented reality apps that focus on directions or locating certain features of the area around you (including Wikitude and Acrossair). I’m sure there could be different ways to implement these kinds of apps into the classroom. Overall, I am intrigued by the idea of augmented reality and would love to explore it further to find out more about the different ways it can be used in the classroom. 



3 thoughts on “Augmented Reality Reflection

  1. Augmented reality is a very real and cool part of our society and don’t worry about using it in your classroom, I think by the time you really get into the down and dirty work of teaching this type of technology will help you and your students to maintain an interesting educational setting. And don’t worry about the ideas that you may have for your students to help them learn, maybe you could see what they are more susceptible to in terms of learning to determine how you can use augmented reality in your classroom.
    I believe QR codes are just a small beginning step of augmented reality who know what technologies will be out when we enter the classroom again.

    Great post!!

  2. I agree with, Kelsi! Yes, it does seem overwhelming but you seem highly intelligent and will pick up on augmented reality’s increasing use in the classroom very easily! Awesome post!

  3. Thanks guys, I hope I will pick up on using augmented reality as easily as you are suggesting! Kelsi – I definitely agree that one of the first things I can do as a teacher is just see what my students are more susceptible to. I’m sure that they can offer me great ideas of how to use technology in the classroom since sometimes they will know more about it than I do!

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