Stop Animation Reflection

The tool that we promoted in our stop animation commercial is called “Nanny.” Like the name would suggest, Nanny is a program that can help watch over you and make sure you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Nanny allows you to set up your own parameters on blocking yourself out of websites for a specified amount of time. This can be an extremely useful tool for those who find themselves spending way too much time on social media sites, or those who get easily distracted by wanting to play a computer game rather than finish their paper. I would definitely use Nanny when I know I am going to need to focus to get something done. I think it can be an extremely useful and practical tool for middle school, high school, and college students. Nanny would be a great tool for teachers to recommend to students and suggest to parents. Here is a picture of what comes up when you try to go to a website that has been blocked by Nanny: 


Many of the tools that other students in the class presented were also really interesting and things that I could see myself using. Pinterest is an app that I have already been using for several months now, and it such a great tool in generating ideas and finding resources. The possibilities on Pinterest are almost endless! Edmodo is something I haven’t used yet, but I have used a similar site called Moodle. These kinds of interactive class websites are definitely becoming more and more popular in the classroom. I think they are great because they imitate social media sites that students are using daily. Tools like Words with Friends and Jellynote may not be used as frequently in the classroom, but I think they would be great for certain lessons or areas of emphasis. Tools like these make learning more exciting and engaging, something that all students deserve. 

Making this stop animation video was a lot of fun! It definitely gave me a new appreciation for these kinds of videos and the people that spend countless hours making them – the final product takes much more work than it seems! We used almost 400 pictures which was way more than we originally thought we would use. Taking the pictures required lots of time and patience in figuring out how to get what we wanted. Stop animation is neat because it uses series of pictures to create the effect of a video. I think this is cool because it allows you to show change over time in a unique way. If I could do our video over again I would probably add more voice-over or even text-over to help explain what was happening in the video and the different features of the Nanny app. 


2 thoughts on “Stop Animation Reflection

  1. I love that you showed the screen that pops up when you try to visit a site you blocked for yourself! This really helped put a picture in my head to what I read in your first paragraph! I agree that this project was a lot of fun but also more work that I would have thought! Did you like doing this more than just presenting the website and explaining it?

  2. I appreciate stop animation a lot more now too. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to create 1 minute commercials with thousands of pictures. Now that we’ve tried it, I think we can all appreciate all forms of stop animation. Nice extra suggestions! I hadn’t thought of additional improvements!

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