LAD Project – 10/25 Update

As a middle school education major, I wanted to do this project on something that I may actually be able to use in the future. For that reason, I chose 6th grade social studies standards relating to a topic that interests me and that I think students would enjoy as well – Australia! The overall idea of the “project” is that students will research Australia through different activities and resources, and then each student will create one page of a picture book that we will later combine together to make one class book all about Australia. Right now I am in the process of developing the different activities/resources that the students will use in order to learn about Australia. I know I want the students to have a variety of ways to research the information, including games, videos, books, websites, etc. All of these resources will eventually be on the google site so that students can explore at their own pace. 

Here is what I have for the google site so far:

By next Friday (11/1), I plan to have a much more finalized set of ideas and activities for the anticipatory set and the i-1 zone. Then over the next few days (before 11/6) I will finalize my ideas for the product/assessment/reflection portion of the project. 


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