Reflection on EDIT 2000

I loved this class so much! As a future teacher, I found the information we covered in this class and the projects we completed to be extremely useful and helpful. Justine was so organized and always had great activities planned for us. I am glad that I got to continue to use my blog that I made in one my education classes last year. The blog is such a cool way to reflect and respond to things I am learning about or discovering as I travel on the road to becoming a teacher! As I student, I appreciated the LAD project because we were given plenty of time to complete it and it was an interesting project to complete. I liked that we were able to choose whatever topic we wanted and create the website pretty much in whatever way we wanted. We were given a lot of freedom while also knowing what was required of us. 

I think that technology integration in education can be such a wonderful thing if used in meaningful and appropriate ways. In this class, we learned about many different ways that technology can be incorporated into classrooms, and the benefits as well as drawbacks of using certain things. Overall, technology can be a great tool in the classroom, but teachers as well as students must be properly trained in how to effectively use it. I definitely think that the use of technology will greatly increase in classrooms over the next few decades. Things like augmented reality and interactive whiteboards will most likely become a much more common feature of classrooms across the country and even world. I am excited to continue to learn more about using technology because I think it can provide awesome opportunities for students to delve deeper into learning. 

The one suggestion I have for this class is maybe to change the stop animation project to a different kind of project. Although I enjoyed this project and it gave me a new appreciation for stop animation, I didn’t see as much usefulness in it as say the LAD project and the reflections on the blog. But that could also just totally be personal opinion! Again, I loved this class and learned a lot from it. Thank you, Justine!




LAD Project – 11/19 Update

I am so happy with how my project turned out! Completing an assignment like this is so rewarding and exciting, and I’m thrilled to hopefully use this project in a future classroom. Projects like these can really get kids excited about learning and help the information to stick with them in a more meaningful way. I can only hope that projects like this will slowly begin to have more importance and prevalence in the everyday classroom. 

I did eventually end up switching my website from a google site to weebly. I found that a weebly site was easier to make more attractive and aesthetically-pleasing. I also found it to be more user-friendly. I loved creating the site using weebly – it was really fun! I want to make more weebly sites now! 

Overall, the project was challenging, but a great assignment. I enjoyed developing it, and I feel proud of the final product :). So much went into the project, but it helped a lot to complete things step-by-step and work on it over a long period of time. I never felt completely overwhelmed or stressed. Although it was a lot, it was definitely possible.

I can’t wait to see the presentations of everyone else’s projects – I’m sure they are going to be great! 

Interactive Whiteboards in Education

I read the article titled “The Rise of the Interactive Whiteboard in Higher Education.” Part of this article explained how interactive whiteboards can be used for global communication and collaboration. It makes perfect sense that these whiteboards would be able to be used in that way, but I had never thought about it before! To me, that is so cool that people across the world from each other can communicate and work together using these whiteboards. What a neat way to learn and grow. Not only can interactive whiteboards (IWBs) be used for global collaboration, but they can also be used to increase collaboration among students in a classroom. 


I think that IWBs can definitely be a good tool for teachers and presenters. Like the article says, just the simple use of the interactive aspects can make learning much more meaningful. Like other teaching tools, though, I think that IWBs can only be effective if used in the correct way. The presence of an IWB in a classroom is not enough. The teacher and students both need to know ways in which the whiteboard can be used to actually approach learning in a different and productive way. Installing IWBs in schools and business is a great, but it is important that the installation is paired with training on how to use them. 


The article also explained how some whiteboards are made to be geared towards specific environments, such as more for education or more for business. I didn’t realize this before. For this reason, it would definitely be important to pay attention to what type of whiteboard you are purchasing. Again, teachers would need training and guidance in what whiteboard to get and how to use it! 

11/10 LAD Project Update

I think my LAD project is slowly coming together!! I changed around the look of my google site and added a lot to it. I think I might want to switch to a weebly site, not because I’ve had trouble with google but just because it seems like you can make a weebly site look nicer and more “aesthetically-pleasing.” However, the last time I tried to play around with the weebly site, it wouldn’t load. So, right now I am sticking with the google site…..but I may eventually end up switching to weebly. 

Here is the link so you can see what I’ve done so far on the google site:

Mainly, I added the things I talked about in the last reflection to the website. It was fun figuring out how to organize the website, keeping in mind that I will hopefully be able to actually use this in my 6th grade classroom next semester :). The main things that I have left for the project are the things that I need to actually create, such as PowerPoints, examples of a picture book page, etc. Also, I need to figure out what to do for the technology aspect of the project. Like I mentioned in the last post, I really want to do a scavenger hunt, but I am still struggling to figure out how I can do that. If I don’t do a scavenger hunt, maybe I can do something with QR codes….but, again, I don’t know exactly what I would do with that.