11/10 LAD Project Update

I think my LAD project is slowly coming together!! I changed around the look of my google site and added a lot to it. I think I might want to switch to a weebly site, not because I’ve had trouble with google but just because it seems like you can make a weebly site look nicer and more “aesthetically-pleasing.” However, the last time I tried to play around with the weebly site, it wouldn’t load. So, right now I am sticking with the google site…..but I may eventually end up switching to weebly. 

Here is the link so you can see what I’ve done so far on the google site: https://sites.google.com/site/australiapicturebook/

Mainly, I added the things I talked about in the last reflection to the website. It was fun figuring out how to organize the website, keeping in mind that I will hopefully be able to actually use this in my 6th grade classroom next semester :). The main things that I have left for the project are the things that I need to actually create, such as PowerPoints, examples of a picture book page, etc. Also, I need to figure out what to do for the technology aspect of the project. Like I mentioned in the last post, I really want to do a scavenger hunt, but I am still struggling to figure out how I can do that. If I don’t do a scavenger hunt, maybe I can do something with QR codes….but, again, I don’t know exactly what I would do with that. 


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