Interactive Whiteboards in Education

I read the article titled “The Rise of the Interactive Whiteboard in Higher Education.” Part of this article explained how interactive whiteboards can be used for global communication and collaboration. It makes perfect sense that these whiteboards would be able to be used in that way, but I had never thought about it before! To me, that is so cool that people across the world from each other can communicate and work together using these whiteboards. What a neat way to learn and grow. Not only can interactive whiteboards (IWBs) be used for global collaboration, but they can also be used to increase collaboration among students in a classroom. 


I think that IWBs can definitely be a good tool for teachers and presenters. Like the article says, just the simple use of the interactive aspects can make learning much more meaningful. Like other teaching tools, though, I think that IWBs can only be effective if used in the correct way. The presence of an IWB in a classroom is not enough. The teacher and students both need to know ways in which the whiteboard can be used to actually approach learning in a different and productive way. Installing IWBs in schools and business is a great, but it is important that the installation is paired with training on how to use them. 


The article also explained how some whiteboards are made to be geared towards specific environments, such as more for education or more for business. I didn’t realize this before. For this reason, it would definitely be important to pay attention to what type of whiteboard you are purchasing. Again, teachers would need training and guidance in what whiteboard to get and how to use it! 


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