LAD Project – 11/19 Update

I am so happy with how my project turned out! Completing an assignment like this is so rewarding and exciting, and I’m thrilled to hopefully use this project in a future classroom. Projects like these can really get kids excited about learning and help the information to stick with them in a more meaningful way. I can only hope that projects like this will slowly begin to have more importance and prevalence in the everyday classroom. 

I did eventually end up switching my website from a google site to weebly. I found that a weebly site was easier to make more attractive and aesthetically-pleasing. I also found it to be more user-friendly. I loved creating the site using weebly – it was really fun! I want to make more weebly sites now! 

Overall, the project was challenging, but a great assignment. I enjoyed developing it, and I feel proud of the final product :). So much went into the project, but it helped a lot to complete things step-by-step and work on it over a long period of time. I never felt completely overwhelmed or stressed. Although it was a lot, it was definitely possible.

I can’t wait to see the presentations of everyone else’s projects – I’m sure they are going to be great! 


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